project part-financed by the European Union

PlanCoast Objectives

  • Start developing and implementing the tools and procedures for the brand new discipline of Maritime Spatial Planning in each participating country. These tools should comply to international standards and at the same time reflect the local and regional needs.
  • Enhance the implementation of the national ICZM Strategies by demonstrating the benefits and role of Spatial Planning in ICZM within a number of selected pilot projects.
  • Support the increased use of modern geographical information systems (GIS) within ICZM for data collection, editing and exchange, as well as create GIS databases of internationally comparable data as a basis for transnational planning.
  • PlanCoast pilot projects will form the basis for recommendations on local and national level on how to implement, adapt and further develop the current ICZM strategies within each partner country in the Adriatic, Baltic and Black Sea regions.
  • PlanCoast conferences, working groups, trainings and transnational studies will support an exchange of experience among organizations and authorities responsible for spatial planning in the partner countries.

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