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PlanCoast Activities

Laying the ground for IMSP


  • National reports on current IMSP preconditions
  • Transnational, comparative study on IMSP in the Adriatic, Baltic and Black Sea the PlanCoast Handbook

Creation of GIS databases

  • Installation of modern Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Creation and expansion of the already existing data-bases, as a tool for coastal and maritime planning and decision making


Integrated Maritime Spatial Planning in Action

  • Preparation of Maritime Plans for the 12 sm zone in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, (Germany), Puck Bay (Poland), Trieste Bay (Slovenia), Varna (Bulgaria), Constanta (Romania), Baka Kotorska Bay (Montenegro), Odessa (Ukraine)
  • Preparation or update of coastal spatial plans according to ICZM principles for Palombina Beach (Italy), Pomorskie (Poland), Piran (Slovenia), Albanian Coast, Varna (Bulgaria), Constanta and the Tulcea/Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (both in Romania)
  • Workshops and trainings on Maritime Planning for spatial planners from participating countries

Common Strategies ⁄ Local Approaches

Exchange of ICZM Best Practice

  • Handbook containing: best practice examples, guidelines on IMSP implementation and recommendations for regional ⁄ national ⁄ transnational authorities

Information and lobbying for ICZM

  • Recommendations to the major transnational organisations (EU ICZM Expert Group, UNEP–MAP, Black Sea Commission)
  • Exchange of experience with VASAB 2010+, Helcom, Baltic 21, Adriatic Forum etc.
  • Extensive public participation in all pilot projects
  • Numerous workshops & other events open to public
  • Project website with linkages to other ICZM portals and Newsletters

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